Who We Are:

 The Idaho Chaplains Corp works with Law Enforcement, serving those who serve us. We provide trained Chaplains in County Jail Ministry, critical incident stress management, suicide, death notification, spiritual counseling, post traumatic stress, ride along procedure, grief counseling, and many other topics. W e are dedicated to bringing trained persons to those serving in crisis fields such as law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medical, search and rescue, emergency management and correctional occupations. We also provide care for the troubled and those who have endured loss, been victimized by the events and tragedy that have left them abandoned, helpless and without hope.


Mission Statement

... To Identify, Equip, Place, and Support the Individuals Who Answer God’s Call to Minister the Gospel in the
Pacific Northwest


Vision Statement
 A Gospel Ministry Serving the Hearts and Minds
of Both First Responders and the Incarcerated

 See Tab Above for Each Individual Chapter
 and the Chaplain Services They Provide.


The Bonner and Boundary Chapters of the ICC are available to minister to the spiritual needs of First Reponders, Fire, Police, and Emergency services personnel and their families in dealing with trauma and crisis situations they are subject to.

ICCChaplains in these functions offer a safe relationship, help, and assistance to anyone affected by such crisis trauma.  We offer emergency scene chaplain services, ride-along services, personal counseling for emergency personnel, hospital and home visits, critical incident de-briefing, officer training, public awareness, and even officiating services.  All these services are for police, fire, EMT’s, and their families. 



“John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.”