ICC"At one point my behaviors resulted in spending 3 months in the adult detention center in Bonner County. I have always had anxiety problems and when I arrived there anxiety was through the roof. At one point it was taking over my body with sickness and panic attacks. About the second week there I started talking with a guy who came to the jail to share and Minister Christ with all who wanted to listen. This day happened to be one in which I was having a particularly intense struggle with anxiety. He started out by sharing the Beatitudes with me. 

After we finished reading he knelt at the door with me and we started praying and during that time I strongly felt the presence of the Lord and my anxiety from that point on was gone.

The Lord gave me an overwhelming sense of peace throughout my body.
The Lord keeps on showing me more and more every day that He is the one I need to rely on."

---------- Anonymous

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